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Nurture Wellness Center

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Trave​ling Services

We offer a variety of services. If you don't see what you need below please contact us.


Chair Massage In-Office

Treat Your Employees Right.

Chair Massage is performed in a specially designed chair with your clothes on. It is excellent for relaxation and more, depending on the technique(s) used by your massage therapist. The travel fee ($60) is included in the price. You can schedule (3) 15-min massages or (4) 10-minute massages per hour. Both session options include a 30-minute break.

270 Min = 4 hrs massage + 30 min break

390 Min =  6 hrs massage + 30 min break

270 Minutes - $325

390 Minutes - $500

In-Home Care

Extra Care for Those Who Need It.

A travel fee of $30 is included in the price. Out-calls are only available to those who are disabled and living with in-home care services. These appointments must be arranged and negotiated by the care guardian or in-home care representative. Documentation may be requested before we travel. This service is only available within Oshkosh city limits.

30 Minutes - $60

60 Minutes - $90

90 Minutes - $120

120 Minutes - $150