Artful Touch Massage & Wellness Center

Studio Policies​

These policies are in place for both guest and massage therapist protection. Please familiarize yourself with the policies before your appointment for the best possible service.

Cancellation Policy

Artful Touch Massage has a 24 hour cancellation policy.

If the guest gives less than the necessary notice OR does not call or arrive by the scheduled appointment time, the guest is responsible for the cancellation fee. If payment is not made at the time of cancellation, the guest must pay the cancellation fee and a card must be put on file before scheduling another appointment.

With necessary notice, appointments may be rescheduled one time with advanced payment for a service of equal or greater value than the cancelled service.

Disapproved Behaviors

If at any point the massage therapist or bodyworker feels unsafe or threatened, it is grounds for guest dismissal. No refund will be granted, full payment of the scheduled service will be required, and the guest may be asked to leave the premises and/or never return. Grounds for guest dismissal include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sexual advances, overtures, gestures, innuendoes, jokes, and speech
  • Violent actions, gestures, jokes, threats, and speech
  • Carrying, using, firing, or threatening to use a weapon
  • Having unattended children in your care on the premises (see below)
  • Having non-service animals in your care on the premises (see below)
  • Failure to wear anything less than a shirt pants skirt or shorts and shoes at the time of arrival

Necessary Forms

Artful Touch Massage requires all guests to complete and sign a health intake form and sign an informed consent document before allowing the practice of massage or bodywork on a new guest. This is to protect the guest from any complications that may arise due to massage or bodywork performed on a guest with contraindications. This may be filled out online before the first session or on paper upon arrival and before bodywork begins. An updated health questionnaire may be requested as often as once per year.

Returned Payments & Fees

If the guest's payment is returned, a $35 returned check or returned payment fee will be added, and full payment and fee are due by the 1st of the following month OR before the next scheduled appointment, whichever comes first. Artful Touch Massage will be responsible for contacting the guest via mail and phone.

Records & Privacy

All guest records at Artful Touch Massage will be kept for no less than 2 calendar years. All records will also be kept in a locked and safe environment, out of sight of any parties outside of the massage therapist or bodyworker. Artful Touch Massage is HIPAA compliant and complies with best practices according to the state of Wisconsin, ABMP, and NCBTMB.

Late Arrivals

If the guest arrives later than the scheduled appointment time, the massage therapist or bodyworker may shorten the guest's session without discount OR may cancel the session without a refund depending on the duration of the scheduled session.

Non-Service Animals

No animals are allowed on the premises of Artful Touch Massage unless the animal in question is a documented service animal and the guest has a doctor's order for said animal. Artful Touch Massage offers a hygienic  and comfortable environment that must not cause allergic reactions or fears in other guests. Failure to meet the above requirements will lead to dismissal of the guest with full payment of the scheduled service due.


All services and products are offered by appointment only. Artful Touch Massage does not have availability for walk-ins at this time. The door may remain locked until 20 minutes prior to the guest's appointment start time. To book an appointment, please use the button at the bottom of this page.

Unattended Children​

No children may be left unattended during service appointments. Artful Touch Massage offers a quiet and worry-free environment, and it does not offer a day care service. All parents, guardians, and care-takers are responsible for finding adequate arrangements for those in their care before arrival for their appointments. Failure to do so is grounds for dismissal, and payment will be necessary for the full scheduled session.

Perfect Gift Ideas

​​We have gift certificates for all available services, or you may purchase dollar amounts. Various designs are available. They can be printed or emailed from home for a last-minute gift. Or you may pick one up by appointment.

Gift Cards

Flexible Scheduling

You may now quickly and conveniently schedule an appointment online. Simply visit our online booking tool. You may pick your treatment type, length of time, view availability, and pay before you arrive.


Highly Recommended

Here at Artful Touch Massage we understand that you are looking for quality. We come highly recommended locally. But don't take our word for it. Read what your peers say about the service they have received.